SESC Event: A SESC club event not to be missed

The Dangers of Water – Safety First with the RNLI

Have you ever considered how your body would react and cope if you accidentally fell overboard whilst sailing around the
Solent one clear and cold spring morning? More to the point, would you know how to use your lifejacket in such a situation or confident it would actually do the job that it was designed to do when it was most needed?

Jim and I had been talking “Life Jackets” and “Safety at Sea” over lunch the other day, it later spawned his thought provoking article “Prevention is the Best Policy”, and how as a club we could premote the importance and vigilance of safety at sea.

We decided upon a presentaion evening combined with an interactive lifejacket clinic, where members can join in, meet other sailors and have a catch-up chat over a drink or two. The event is intended to be a casual, hands-on and thought provoking evening open to all members/potential members with the opportunity for you to take away some knowledge that might just one day save your life.

The evenings agenda is:

1) A “Safety Presentation” by Jim Crick, in essence an Introduction of Sea survival with additional videos and material describing how best to avoid becoming one of the unfortunate annual statistics!

Discussing such topics as;

  • Cold Water Shock
  • Hazards and Managed Risks
  • Prevention
  • Lifejackets
  • Eagle’s lifejacket replacement for the
    start of the new season.

2) A “Hands on Life Jacket Clinic”

Again, run by Jim and in association with the RNLI and supporting team. To really get the most value out of this clinic, it is highly recommend that people bring along their own Lifejackets or “Buoyancy Aids” to be assessed and checked. Tuition on how to check & inspect your own Jacket, its maintenance, testing and repacking so that you can be confident the jacket will perform at the time of most need.

With a number of old and faulty lifejackets available for people to play with and get hands-on experience under the expert
direction of the RNLI.

3) A presentation & meeting with our Club Events coordinator Your chance to discuss or suggest new events, ideas and to give us any feedback you may have?

4) Meet and chat with the committee

An open forum for suggestions, questions, feedback or chat about the club.