There was four working party’s this year with a good turnout I would like to thank the following for helping; Vernon Bush, Ali Watson, Jeff Gibbs, Jane Mancini, Tony Jee, Ian Hyde, Charles Clark, David Hertzell, Mike Lamb, Chris Maughan, Charlie Maughan, Matt Dequincey & Andy Morrill (I hope I have not left any one out).

The engine has had its normal full service (thank to Vernon and his team) the oil leak on the impeller pump has been fixed. The hot water system has had a been repaired with the result that you do not get scolded now when using the hot water. Vernon has also fitted isolators to hot and cold water system so sections can be turned off.

All the Fire Extinguishers and Life Jackets have been services with most the lights n the jackets replaced. We have a new First Aid Kit as the old one had runout. Jane had all the curtains dry cleaned. I have self-signed the coding for the boat this year, but will need to get a surveyor next year. You will also see we have two new boat hooks (one on each side). The toilet pump has been replaced so now water does not come back down to the bowl and fill it up.

A big thank you to Tony for doing a fantastic job on the table in the main cabin those of you that have been on board will notice the table now hinges both sides and is so much easier to get around the boat. Tony also repaired the chart table lid as the was damage to the side.