The idea of a yacht being available to anyone who wanted to go sailing was recognised by Barclays Bank many years ago who established a staff only sailing club. However, Barclays had a major review of all their sports and social activities which resulted in many changes being made and Spread Eagle Sailing Club was formed in October 2000 to continue as a members only club, but not restricted to Barclays employees!

SESC continues to this day to enable anyone who wants to go sailing to do so at a reasonable cost and improve their sailing skills and knowledge. To this end we run a number of activities and Club events which we hope will appeal to all members with sailing abilities from zero to advanced. Events vary from a simple ‘Just go sailing weekend’ usually in August when the weather is at its best, to a ‘Racing weekend’ in September with strong competition from other entrants. In addition, previous years events cover topics including ‘How to berth safely’, ‘Using electronic navigational devices’ and, ‘Family sailing’.

All our events are hosted by experienced skippers and if you have any particular topic or theme that you would like to do, please let Ian Hyde our Events Organiser know, and this can be arranged for you – email:

We are very keen for new skippers to take command of Eagle, you don’t need to have a formal RYA licence, though we do have our own testing system which is roughly in line with the RYA’s Day Skipper, Yacht Master Coastal and Yacht Master Offshore. If you would like more information; you are ready to take your test to skipper the boat; or would like to attend a pre-test event to see if you are ready, then Ian Hyde is our contact for this also.

This links me on to introduce one of our experienced Club Skippers, Graham Strudwick who will be hosting a club weekend this year when he is not…

Climbing Mt Kenya, as part of a ten-day expedition to raise funds for Jubilee Sailing Trust.

Graham did his first voyage with Jubilee Sailing Trust in 2001 and 20 years later he is still passionate about helping with the amazing and unique work that the team does in taking disabled people sailing in the UK and around the world.

He explains a little about his climb:

Mount Kenya sits in the centre of Kenya in the mountains that are referred to as the Central Highlands, which is an environment of bizarre plants rich history and ever-changing landscapes of bamboo forests moorland and permanent glaciers. The steep eroded twin-peaks of this ancient volcano are alluring in their alpine character and separated by the Gate of Mists; a deep notch which can be difficult to cross. From the plains of the savannah to fertile open meadows and through into the Alpine zone the Chogoria Trail approaches Mount Kenya. We will make our way initially to the summit of Mount Kenya’s trekking peak – Lenana before we start the amazing alpine-rock climb to the summit of Neilion peak and over to Batian the highest peak on Mount Kenya

The first two days are travelling and recuperation before we trek up to a camp at approximately 14000 feet. We then have a rest day before the trek up to peak Lenana at 16355 feet, then descend to a higher camp in preparation for the first alpine climb.

On day six we transport equipment up to the base of Neilion across the top of the Lewis glacier and cache some gear at the start of our route for the following day. An early start on day seven to a bivi about 600 feet below the summit of Neilion. Day eight is another early start to summit at daybreak before we descend to cross the Gates of the Mist and then climb up Batian the tallest peak at 17057 feet. Much joy here before a massive abseil back down to our camp for celebrations. Finally we trek back down with more amazing views and unwind before our return journey to the UK.

Graham who declares he will not be doing a major expedition like this again, has a fund raising page and is very grateful to any willing donors.

Next years programme of Club Events will be launched within the next few weeks, details will be sent to you by email – bookings will be available through the SESC website and don’t forget our current winter offer of £300 for the weekend, or book a club skipper to get a bit of winter practice in ready for next year.

Do keep up-to-date with Club news and offers via the Spread Eagle Sailing Club Facebook page