Five lovely ladies set sail on a warm sultry Saturday morning with little wind. We started early to do a morning of close quarters boat handling with everyone having a go, we also tore up the riverbed practising our handbrake turns testing which way the prop helped us circle, then we followed this with a little single handed mooring practise. After tea, cake and passage planning we shook out the sails and headed for a perfect sail, tacking up the Solent with a warm westerly wind to Berthon Marina,

Sunday started grey and windy with the promise of sun coming, so it was quickly decided that a spot of shopping followed by tea and cake would be required while we waited for the wind to drop and the sun to once again join us. By 1100 it did and the warm westerly found us goose-winging down the Solent back to Universal. The boat was left gleaming with only a hint of perfume left lingering after a perfect weekend of new and practised skills, friendships and good memories.

We are gathering club ladies names as we hope to run two of these very successful weekends next year, so please do get in touch with either myself or Ian to book your place on-board. The weather is always warm and the gin and tonic is always cold!